"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.14 by Audiotist


"If the music you like makes a dozen of tanks sound like a lullaby,
if the tracks you listen to, killed your neighbours, this man is probably involved.
Forget about Breakcore, forget about avantgarde or AMRAAM missiles, your new favourite weapon is called Audiotist.
The 30 years-old artist from Belgium mixes and remixes samples and tracks in the most delightfully violent way,
and we decline any responsibility for all damage and riots happening after his gigs.
As he describes his sound on soundcloud, it should be something like this : BELGIAN HARD/BREAK/CHIP/RAVE/CORE WHATEVER….”

Audiotist is part of the Ragga Terror Front crew and Breakcore Gives Me Wood.
He Released on Dance Corps, Breakcore gives me wood, Superbadmidibreaks, Jigsore, Suck Puck Records, Dramacore, SKRD, Dead Kitty Rec, Bankizz, …

"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.13 by Ulcerium


Ulcerium is considered as one of the first producers in his style who's coming from the north of the African continent and he's actually based in Hamburg Germany.
After being active for many years in death metal projects like "I the intruder" and "Vomit the hate" he started producing Breakcore and IDM in 2011, passing by breakcore including his metal influences, keeping on evolving and experimenting new styles and sounds in his music until he came up with this 3 tracks release entitled "Abominations" with a new sound, new taste and shitloads of energy! Out nonw on Murder Channel.

Special interview of "The Living Dead Deformed"

My friend and wonderful artist "DEFORMER" releases a miraculous record in late January. As usual the sound is violent and highly artistic. And this artwork knocks out all horror movie fans.It's Perfect fusion of sound and artwork. DEFORMER (Mike Redman) is constantly making serious art. So I interviewed him about this wonderful record "The Living Dead Deformed".



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