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MxCx Interview#24 "Hitori Tori"

Hitori Tori


Hailing from Vancouver, Canada Hitori Tori has seen a hand full of EPs and
releases on net labels such as Peace Off Records, Kaometry and Otherman.
Hitori Tori's live performances have received positive acclaim in publications such as
Computer Music Magazine and Create Digital Music. Over the past several years Hitori Tori has toured Japan, Europe and played improvised sets at the Manitoba Electronic Music Festival.

MxCx Interview#23 "Duran Duran Duran"

Duran Duran Duran


Arising from the dark heart of Philadelphia, Ed Flis has been making electronic music since 1995 and experimenting with sound since much earlier. In 1999 he formed Duran Duran Duran with Michael Chaiken and Tony Gabor. While cutting his teeth in hip hop bands, hardcore bands, and punk bands, Duran Duran Duran remained mainly a side project – eventually becoming the centerpiece of Ed’s musical output. What started off as mainly a sample-based noise project evolved into something much more honed and refined for the dancefloor as he discovered the free party scene and raves, while still maintaining a punk rock edge that isn’t afraid to experiment.

Now producing everything from ghetto tech to breakcore and beyond, Ed’s sets can be as varied as his tastes, but always hard, dark and fun. He’s toured Europe and the United States extensively since 2002, as well as Japan, He’s released records on Planet Mu, Cock Rock Disco, Tigerbeat6, Peace Off.

"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.10 by Istari Lasterfahrer

Istari Lasterfahrer

declaimer: 5 best breakcore tracks is quite hard to choose, even i am not the person who have this kind of thinking, the list would change with my mood every minute. but i try to make a 10 quickly most for me landmarked albums or eps. some may be linked with live sets i have seen and which kicked me off, others would stand for labels i liked their output.

MxCx Interview#22 "KNIFEHANDCHOP"



Knifehandchop is the brainchild of Toronto native Billy Pollard. Pollard has been unleashing devastating electronic sonic warfare on the Irritant and Tigerbeat 6 labels. The all-round culture junkie plunders the vaults of every imaginable genre: gabba, hardcore, dancehall, hip hop, pop and jungle to name a few, and with a deft touch dices and splices all manner of acoustic references into dancefloor bombs. In early 2003, Irritant compiled Bling the Noize, culled from previous vinyl-only releases. His debut album, Rockstopper, followed suit on Kid 606’s Togerbeat 6 label. His first fully-fledged album of totally original work, How I Left You, hit shelves in 2004, garnering serious praise from press and public alike.

"The Best Breakcore Songs Of All Time" PT.9 by X√ĄCKSECKS

Cardopusher - Jamaican Tang - This has to be my all time favourite track, it contains everything I want from a breakcore track! Also Cardopusher's (old) always been one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to producing.

Dj skull vomit - Tower bell massacre - Had a hard time deciding which track(all of them are absolutely amazing), Dj Skull Vomit is one of the best artists out there, all genres included!

Krumble - Backward country boy explosion - A ridiculously amount of energy in this one!

Sickboy - Take me on - One of the reasons this track have had such a big impact on me is because I saw Sickboy performing this one on Breakcore gives me wood many years ago, giving me so much energy!

Enduser - Wreckin shit
- This has to be one of the first Breakcore tracks I heard, and it's still fucking awesome and really raw, never gets old!