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MURDG-017 / Monster X - Hunting Seasons

"DOOMCORE" - The soundtrack to this stupid human drama - (by Tommy De Roos a.k.a. ▲NGST/FFF)

"Doomcore" is not a "genre" that is easily defined. If it's even possible to define it or is it just another term just like "breakcore" that means something different to a lot of people?
When I got asked to write something about "doomcore" I thought: The only way to do this is by interviewing artists, label owners and promoters who either use(d) the term "doomcore" for their work or are somehow affiliated with the term. Their answers are un-edited.

MxCx Interview#26 "Hallucinator"


In a world where most of the music sounds the same and every producer is the carbon copy of eachother, Luca Lodi and Simone Sighinolfi aka Hallucinator, came to break the rules. 
A career developing since 2007, proposing their uncompromising signature sound and ranging from hard neurofunk to hardcore, metal and everything in between, their pride is driven by having their own identity and not following a particular style. Always favouring quality over quantity, nonetheless the body of work looks astounding already.
The masked duo counts several releases on many prestigious labels such as EMI, PRSPCT, Yellow Stripe, Forbidden Society, Brutale (to quote a few), worked together with names like Gridlok, Counterstrike, MC Coppa, The Outside Agency, Andy the Core, The Sickest Squad. 
Definitely not the usual dj set, their show is highly energy infused and gets perceived as a live band concert. A unique approach that made them headline several shows around the globe and on the biggest festival stages, like: Let it Roll, Beats for Love, Boomtown, Imagination, Decibel, Hardshock, Q-Base, PRSPCT XL and many more, always leaving a mark and schocking crowds in every performance.
Pioneers of mask wearing since ten years into the scene, long before it became a glamorous bandwagonist gimmick, they give birth to worldwide recognized anthems like "Raise Your Middle Finger", "Resist" or the metal influenced "Fuck The System". 
End of 2017 and beginning of 2018 see Hallucinator step it up once again, on one side experimenting on 200bpm with the release on Brutale, and on the other side with their second album "Iconoclasm", forthcoming on the mighty PRSPCT Recordings, which will bring it back to their Drum and Bass roots.
Don't miss them play in your town on their next Iconoclasm tour!!!

Horror Movie Top 5!!!!! feat. 6blocc,DJIPE,Hallucinator,Passenger of Shit & Submerged

Halloween will come in a few days!
This time, We prepared a special article for Halloween.
We asked wonderful artists all over the world about their favorite horror movie Top 5.
Their choice is very unique. You will find great horror movies!

Let's wait for Halloween by seeing these works. Are you ready to scream?

MxCx Interview#25 "DJ Skull Vomit"

DJ Skull Vomit


Skull Vomit and Singaya are the two other monikers from Tony Welter who is also half of the fierce Electro/Grind duo Eustachian and partial owner of Fathme Records. The last few years, Tony has left the Eustachian name behind to rest respectively to concentrate on his 2 still very heavily metal influenced solo projects. One (Singaya), a dubstep driven, electronic grind scuffle and the other, (Skull Vomit) a more fast paced industrial breakcore riot. Either way, the original Eusta- chian blue print is still present but evolved, adapted and personalized to cover 2 very different but quite closely related bastard children. - Miike Teknoist

MxCx Interview#24 "Hitori Tori"

Hitori Tori


Hailing from Vancouver, Canada Hitori Tori has seen a hand full of EPs and
releases on net labels such as Peace Off Records, Kaometry and Otherman.
Hitori Tori's live performances have received positive acclaim in publications such as
Computer Music Magazine and Create Digital Music. Over the past several years Hitori Tori has toured Japan, Europe and played improvised sets at the Manitoba Electronic Music Festival.

MxCx Interview#23 "Duran Duran Duran"

Duran Duran Duran


Arising from the dark heart of Philadelphia, Ed Flis has been making electronic music since 1995 and experimenting with sound since much earlier. In 1999 he formed Duran Duran Duran with Michael Chaiken and Tony Gabor. While cutting his teeth in hip hop bands, hardcore bands, and punk bands, Duran Duran Duran remained mainly a side project – eventually becoming the centerpiece of Ed’s musical output. What started off as mainly a sample-based noise project evolved into something much more honed and refined for the dancefloor as he discovered the free party scene and raves, while still maintaining a punk rock edge that isn’t afraid to experiment.

Now producing everything from ghetto tech to breakcore and beyond, Ed’s sets can be as varied as his tastes, but always hard, dark and fun. He’s toured Europe and the United States extensively since 2002, as well as Japan, He’s released records on Planet Mu, Cock Rock Disco, Tigerbeat6, Peace Off.